Sunday, August 24, 2008

Titling Posts is not my Forte, yet

Well, the syllabi are done and printing off even as I type. With this new format of detailing what students ought to be thinking about while reading and including what I expect them to bring to class, the different syllabi ended up being between 15 and 20 pages long. Yikes!!

I met my FYS students last night and I have every reason to think it's going to be a good class. Funny how summer's are always long enough that I'm always just ready to start getting back into the classroom and teaching right when the semester's about to start.

Puppies had a GREAT time out at the land. Running around and generally exhausting each other. And there's nothing quite as relaxing and joyful as watching dogs run and play. If more people had an opportunity to do that, there'd be a good deal more happiness and joy in the world and vastly less violence and general resentment.

The impact of the torrential rains all summer has been quite dramatic. Places which had been grass covered paths are now limestone covered paths. I'm thinking that a good part of south central Iowa is limestone — but I'm no geologist, just guessing.

So, I sit here waiting for the syllabi to finish copying, listening to my ipod on my George (one of the best purchases I've ever made) and wondering what to wear the first couple days of school. Shallow or just aware of the research that people draw their conclusions about people in the first few seconds of meeting them? I'll let you decide.

Okay, the copying is done and it's a beautiful day outside so I'm headed home to sit out on the deck, watch the dogs play and read some John Dewey and possibly some of The Eureka Effect: The Art and Logic of Breakthrough Thinking by Perkins.

Good day.

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