Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Argh. I get all excited about Universal Design for Learning and making available to all my students the texts in all the mediums they are available (which means, basically, written and audio). I figured, logically enough, that if students were going to be purchasing text copies of a book that it would simply be decent of the publisher to provide to me an audio version so that I could put it on a web-site that only the students could access. Well, apparently, either the publishers don't have an audio version or they don't agree with me that I ought to simply get one gratis. You know, taking advantage of educational theory so that students learn is really challenging. sigh.

Anyway, I'm almost done with syllabus #2 which means that I'll need to move on to actually begin #3.

But tonight friends with dogs are coming over so I must go and purchase food and some sort of something that will keep the ravenous mosquitoes from descending upon us and leaving our gleaming white carcasses to bake in the sun. So, off I go. Oh, and I'll be making the infamous "Turkish Tiger" tonight. We'll see if it turns out as well as it did in the Moroccan restaurant in Durban.

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