Tuesday, August 19, 2008

One down

Well, the syllabus for the FYS is pretty much done. This new method of putting together syllabi -- with assignments and background info in one column and then guidelines for the students as they read and what I expect them to bring to class from the reading -- really works well. It forces me to really think through each class. In fact, it even led to me putting another book into the mix. I'm having them read "The Grand Inquisitor" and as I was thinking about what to discuss in class it occurred to me that Fear and Trembling would be a good thing for them use to further their thinking on the basic ideas. Anyway, that was exciting.

Of course, the problem I know have is that I have a 16 page syllabus and the costs of printing that out for the students is going to take a bit out of our budget. And since part of the first day is having them look at the syllabus and reach some conclusions (and being able to point to evidence) about the class, I can't really just send an electronic version of the syllabus.

Today's an all day meeting. I have to remember HNK (Honest, Necessary, Kind) to minimize my talking in the meeting. I think I'll have to write the letters on my hand in dark black ink to remind me.

This is, for anyone who's keeping track, day #4

Oh, and who knew that handball was an Olympic sport? It looks fun (if not a bit painful).

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