Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Choices, choices


Okay, so the semester is up and running and I don't think I've ruined any of my classes, yet.

We've got a list of blog going on the right from two of my classes (the third has yet to meet). So, that's working out well so far.

I continue to struggle with my liking the picture at the top of this page while really liking all the options I have on wordpress.com (actually, I'm thinking of going with edublogs.org). So, here are two pictures that I may like enough to use instead and may on one of the edublogs templates.

Tell me what you think. Here's one that I'm thinking of (abovet) (and keep in mind I'm trying to get across the idea of the virtue of phronesis -- should any of you know or care about what that means). It's a picture of Max (same dog as is currently up on the header) and he wants me to throw the frisbee (or rather he wants to chase after the frisbee, BUT he doesn't want to drop it.

This picture, to the right, is a picture I took when in South Africa this summer and, well, it's pretty and has a sort of "rightness" to is, which is what phronesis is all about.

Now, a few notes (a) maybe blogger isn't all that bad, I have, been able to post these pictures (the big asset that wordpress/edublogs has is the capacity to see if people have come and looked at the blog, even if they haven't commented and also more flexibility with templates -- things like narrower margins, etc) (b) those of you who are Environmental Justice (or in my other classes) note the capacity to include pictures -- you may want to provide on-going pictures of your botantical friend. (c) Yes, I have difficulty making mundane decisions (oddly, big decisions aren't that difficult for me). The back drop on my computer is set to change every 10 minutes or so -- that way I don't have to make a decision about which of my many pictures to have up there.

Anyway, if you have opinions on which picture I ought to use, please feel free to share. I'm not sure either of these two alternates will work any better on edublogs, so this all may be a moot point (or a moo point for those of you who watched Friends).

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