Monday, September 1, 2008

Meaningful Life

I'm going to assume that there are few people who want to have a life devoid of meaning and instead assume what makes me happy...that everyone wants a meaningful life. Now, there are two questions to be asked here that I think get conflated. I think what people jump right into is the question of how to have a meaningful life, what does one need to do or not do in order to have a meaningful life. The question that I think may need to be asked first is what is a meaningful life.

Put in different terms, suppose I told you that I wanted a blerg for my birthday (which, by the way is September 13th so you don't have that much time to be wasting on this front). Before you could figure out what to do to get me a blerg, you need to figure out what a blerg is. So, back to meaningful life. It seems that before we can ask what we need to do to get a life of meaning, a meaningful life, we need to figure out what it is that we're aiming toward. If we don't know what our target is, how on earth can we move toward it?

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Anne's Blog said...

I think that identifying your values, goals, and passions and pursuing those things makes a life more meaningful. A life without passion is dull, a life without goals doesn't move forward, and if a person cannot identify their values, they cannot identify themselves. Their ability to be a leader (whether it is to lead themselves or others) is unachievable.

(I could go into depth with this but I just thought I'd throw it out there)