Thursday, July 28, 2011

So, so close and yet.....

Well, I'm sending off an article today that I started about two years ago (in the intervening time other articles have been revised and resubmitted, presentations have been given, classes have been taught, so it isn't only that I'm a slacker).

Turns out that I may have missed being cutting edge by just a few moments. In the last 2 years there have been just shy of 4500 publications on this topic whereas prior to that, well, I was pretty much up to speed in the area.

Instead of reading this additional stack of 4500 I'm going to send it off, hope that the core of my argument warrants an R&R and then I'll read whatever reviewers might be inclined to suggest I read.

If only I'd gotten it out two years ago. if only.

I'll bet there's something to learn here. But, I'm not entirely certain what it is.

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