Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Some links...

Yes, it's been a long time.  And, yes, I've done a good deal in the past months.  But, now, I shan't be documenting them all since, quite frankly, it probably wouldn't be all that interesting to read about.

However, there are some good things out there to read.  Here are some links:

  • Diana Chapman Walsh is one of my favorite people, EVER. I want to grow up and be like her (or at least be *liked* by her — and there's some evidence that she just might). Anytime she's gonna be at a conference, I do my best to get to that conference....that's how fabulous she is.  Here's an article by her that's in Inside Higher Education.

  • Then there's this article in the New York Times reporting on a study that documents the importance, long term, of one's kindergarten teacher.

  • Here's an article challenging the whole 'you must publish in order to be a good academic' thinking.  The fact that I agree with the sentiment may have drastically colored my assessment of the article.


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