Sunday, April 18, 2010

Footnotes to Plato (and, maybe Aristotle)

I'm currently reading William James Talks to Teachers (which, happily is freely available as an e-book) and this, along with the other history I've read this year (Dewey & Royce) makes me really wonder if anyone seriously reads this stuff anymore.  So much of what all of them wrote could quite seriously be published today and no one would bat an eye because it's exactly the same as what's being published today in terms of content. 

It's this sort of stuff that brings my writing to a halt.  I started reading James to get some sense of what's been done before me and I realize that, in fact, the entire conversation going on in much of educational theory (I exaggerate only a tiny bit) pretty much happened 100+ years ago and folks are, for the most part, saying exactly the same thing

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