Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I am Sisyphus

Well, just a few more days of break and I'm actually in fairly good shape. Books are chosen, syllabi are basically written, new websites for each class have been created (Rights & Responsibilities, Paths to Knowledge and Health & Social Justice). And in the midst of this, I completed grading from last semester, went through my semesterly angst and despair as I rethought all that happened last semester and all the things I should have done differently, went to Mexico and thoroughly enjoyed Merida, Yucatan where the daily high temp was at least 93 every day I was there.

[Um, Bryan Karrick, my favorite weather person just said that we are going to be experiencing the coldest weather of years in the next few days. This can't be good. ]

I love the beginning of the semester for the same reason I love Mondays and early mornings....there's hope. Everything's fresh and new and the possibility of everything going fabulously exists. A nice counter-balance to the despair that I feel at the end of the semester (Fridays and afternoons as well).

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Dj said...

I agree JMC. I should start looking at Mondays the way you do. : )