Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Brains are cool

If you don't agree with me that brains are cool, well, seriously, you are simply mistaken.  The simply fact that you can wiggle your toes, that you can sort out a conversation yelled into your ear at a party from the loud music and conversation around you is sufficient evidence on its own that brains are way, way cool.  But if you need more evidence, I'm more than happy to supply it.

For now, however, go read this article.

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Haley B said...

I agree - brains are awesome. But i am angry at mine right now, for it refuses to tell me to go to sleep. I need some serious Z's. Really, I do. A lot of them. But why can't I fall asleep? Here are all the synonyms for sleep: bedtime, catnap, coma, dormancy, doze, dream, dullness, hibernation, lethargy, nap, nod, repose, rest, sack time, sandman(??), shuteye, siesta, slumber, snooze, torpidity, torpor, trance...all of which I cannot attain. I apologize for taking up your comment space for my temporary enjoyment. Did you know that we only have 4 FYS classes left?....AND! dogs can smell fear! I do hope you enjoyed comments with Haley. I think I might be nocturnal.